About Bien

Bien Yapı Ürünleri Sanayi Turizm ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi is an establishment of the Ercan Group of Companies operating in the sectors of energy, tourism, insurance and building materials. The group, which has made the first investment thereof in the mining sector in 1965, is an important power of the Turkish industry growing with the bold steps with the 4,000 employees thereof in our day.

Our company, making production in the construction materials sector in the factory thereof located in Bilecik province firstly under the title of “Ercan Seramik”, has started to use the “Bien” brand in 2008 and subsequently adopted this brand as commercial name in 2012.

“Bozüyük Seramik”, which has participated to the Ercan Group of Companies in 1997, has used the Bien brand first in 2008 and merged with Ercan Seramik under Bien commercial title in 2012. Bien makes the production thereof in Pelitözü Region of Bilecik province with 750 employees thereof in 9 separate production halls on an area of 165.275 m2.

These halls enable our company to manufacture integrated products by virtue of various departments such as double baked wall tiles, single baked wall tiles, small sized tiles, skirtings, bullnose , décor and curtains within the entire ceramic coating material group of Bien. Bien is focused on production of glazed granite, technical porcelain and polished tiles with 550 employees thereof in its facilities at Bozüyük Seramik Caddesi (Bozüyük Ceramic Street). The total wall tiles production capacity of Bilecik and Bozüyük factories is 20 million square meters while production capacity of floor tiles, glazed and unglazed granites as again at the level of 25 million square meters.

Bien, which utilizes this balanced capacity in the most effective way by virtue of its design, R & D and technology investments, is the first Turkish tile company which has applied inkjet technology in the wall tiles. Bien markets 65% of its annual production to the local market through its extensive dealer network within the local market and exports 35% of its production to Europe, North America, West Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Bien, having decided to focus on each category individually, has started its investments on ceramic sanitary devices (CSD) in Bozüyük facilities thereof in 2011. Currently our company continues its production with a capacity of 180.000 pieces per year. It is aimed to reach 250,000 pieces in the short term and 1,000,000 pieces in 2 years by virtue of the ongoing new investments. Bien Banyo Ürünleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş (Bien Bath Products Industry and Trade Inc.) has been established in 2017 in order to ensure specialization in product range. Product range of Bien Banyo includes ceramic sanitary ware, faucets, recessed reservoirs, bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories.