Children, who are the future of our country will receive services as to training, education, culture, values and knowledge in many areas thanks to the Information House project established by Bien Seramik and Bilecik Municipality.
Bien Seramik Information House of Bilecik Municipality, in which every individual from 7 to 70 including kindergarten, primary school, high school and university students and families will receive training, will serve with its classrooms, study halls; guidance and psychological counseling services,  library; informatics laboratory, kindergarten to normal and disadvantaged citizens.
The facility was built on a covered area of 505 m2 as 4 floors within an open area of 2500 m2 in a strategic location in Bahçelievler District of Bilecik province  on the Ankara-Istanbul highway close to important areas such as Sheikh Edebali Cultural Congress Center of Bilecik Municipality, Living City Museum of Bilecik Municipality , Youth Center of Ministry of Youth and Sports, Public Education and Teacher's House of Directorate of National Education  and Neighborhood House of Bahçelievler District.